UnicornAdz is an advertising and marketing program offering banner advertising credits as well as access to various premium quality products to promote your business or opportunity while providing you with multiple income streams.
Click Join Now on the menu and fill out the form. Enter your desired username, first name, last name, country, valid and working email address.
No, we do not offer any kind of refunds. All payments are made for the purchase of products including advertising credits and immediate payment of commission to other members.
If you know your login details or you have requested a new password, make sure you enter the details manually by typing them into the login box. Copy and paste from an email may sometimes have trailing spaces. If needed, copy and paste onto a text document and copy and paste again from there after you checked for extra spaces and removed them.
Use the Forgot Password option to ask the system to reset a new password. Just enter your username and registered email address and click Reset Password. Please allow a couple of minutes for the email to get to you. Thereafter, a link will be sent on your email which will allow you to reset a new password.
We do NOT tolerate SPAM in any way. We investigate all SPAM complaints and if the complaint is proven your account will be deleted immediately and all your unpaid earnings will be forfeited. If your account is deleted for SPAM you shall have no recourse against Unicorn Adz.
Yes, you will find earnings statistics, financial history and other details on your Dashboard in the members area.
All members are personally responsible for compliance with any tax requirements in their jurisdiction of residence.
Sorry, we do not allow payment processor changes for security reasons. When you make a purchase, it locks your account to the payment processor account used to make a deposit. If you use multiple payment processors for making a purchase, the system will record the payment processor from which you made highest deposit and all your withdrawals can be requested to the same payment processor only.
No, this is not an investment site nor is it illegal in any way, shape, or form.
We sell Products including advertising services. UnicornAdz offers quite a lot of advertising services and other products of the highest possible quality, and delivers them quickly. When people buy these services, the revenues are distributed primarily based on the efforts of people who made those sales. (first sales of services happen, then the revenue is distributed as detailed in the payplan)
No. We don't allow change of sponsor. Sponsors may please make sure when your referrals sign-up they see your name on the sign-up page. Only accidental sign-ups without a sponsor will be corrected.
We accept Payza, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money. We apologize but we do not accept PayPal. In the event of shortage of any ecurrency, we may choose to pay you in another ecurrency.
No. There is no Admin or any other Fee. You pay for the products you purchase. If you purchase Phase I bundle, it costs $25, Phase II bundle $60 and Phase III bundle $120.
There is 5% Deposit Fee to cover Payment processor charges. No Withdrawal fee is charged by Admin
Once your account balance is above $10.00 you can request a withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed within 2-3 working days.
Not Directly. You can deposit funds into your own Payza, SolidTrustPay, Payeer or Perfect Money accounts first via Credit Card. Thereafter, you can login to your Unicron Adz account and purchase the products you desire.
Yes, you can.
There is no monthly fees. The only simple requirement is that the members need to have purchased atleast 1 sub in any Phase in last 6 months at any point of time. 
Payments for each sub is one time payment and it is taken in advance as a sub hits 10 times, once every week. All your positions stay yours and continue to earn for you. The members need to have purchased atleast 1 sub in any Phase in last 6 months at any point of time. If a member fails to do so, in such a case, he/she will not be entitled to place withdrawal till he/she buys a sub again.
When you purchase a Sub, it automatically keeps Subscription money to cover for 10 weeks' subscription
Yes, whenever you have $25 in your Cash Wallet you can use it to purchase new Subscription.

There is no restriction on the number of Subscriptions a member may buy. However, the “Step Up Purchase” Rule is there to ensure support to the system:

If a member has 5 Subs of $25 each then in order to buy next $25 Sub, the member must buy at least one $60 Sub before he can buy any more $25 Subs. The member can then buy up to 5 more $25 Subs. This will go on and on.
Similarly, when a member has 5 Subs of $60, the member must buy at least one $120 Sub to be able to buy any further $60 Subs. Then he can buy 5 more $60 Subs.

For purchasing subscriptions, you get the Products as listed at
Log in to your account to get your sponsor URL link, landing page and banners etc.
To be eligible to earn sponsor commission and matching bonus, you need to buy atleast 1 Subscription. Also, Free members are not allowed to click and earn from Cash Links.

No, however, family members using the same IP address can join using a different Unique Username, different Valid Email Addresses and different Payment Processor IDs.

This is a Personal Forced Follow Your Sponsor Matrix. Your earnings will depend on your efforts in referring others to buy our products. Though you may also earn by clicking Cash Links placed by other members but it is advised that one should not be dependent on same as there is no guarantee that members will get cash links to click and earn from. It will depend on the placement of cash links by other members.
Cash Links will allow all members the opportunity to advertise any genuine 3rd party business via the Unicorn Adz website.
Steps to buy CashLinks : For using Cash Link Wallet balance (for buying Cash Links) You need to follow these steps: Login to members area ---> Click on “Products” ---> Click on “Buy Cash Links” ---> Click on “SetUp New Ad” ---> Add the necessary details regarding your Ad and click “Update”. Thereafter, your Ad will be reviewed by admin before approval. Only after approval by Admin, you will be able to see a button “Purchase Clicks” after Clicking on “Products” ---> Click on “Buy Cash Links”. Then you can click on “Purchase Clicks” and buy Cash Links.
Members are also able to earn by clicking Cash Link Ads placed by other members UNTIL a member has earned amount equal to their deposits into the system. Once a member is able to recover amount deposited, this earning option will stop. A Member must have atleast 1 active subscription in order to be able to click and earn from Cash Links.
This is designed to help new members earn their “deposited funds” back while their matrix grows.Please note that there is no guarantee that members will get cash links to click and earn from. It will depend on the placement of cash links by other members.
There will be a daily capping amount for clicking Cash Links based on number of Active subscriptions a member has:
Per Active $25 subscription = $1 Cash Link Clicking Capping
Per Active $60 subscription = $3 Cash Link Clicking Capping
Per Active $120 Subscription = $7 Cash Link Clicking Capping
Maximum daily capping level for clicking Cash Links for any member is $20.
As soon as you have filled a level in any Phase, the upgrade to the next level is done automatically without you paying again.
No. You cannot skip a level and all levels to be filled one by one.
This is not a Company Forced Matrix. This is rather a Personal Forced Matrix which follows the following rules :
It fills your position’s matrix Top to Bottom and Left to Right.
The first position is Follow Your Sponsor BUT all your further positions are Follow Me. In simple words, only your first position will fall in the matrix of your sponsor and all further positions will fill your own matrix.
Each position has a different matrix (2x1 or 4x1 etc) of its own. However, a member’s all positions fall in the overall tree of such member’s first position in Top to Bottom and Left to Right manner.
Whenever the matrix of a position is filled, it moves to next level. In next level, it goes under the empty spot of first position’s overall tree in that level of such member. If there is no position of such member already in that level and it is getting placed there for the first time (i.e.when the matrix of his first position is filled and it moves to next level), then it will get placed under his sponsor’s overall tree in that level in Top to Bottom and Left to Right manner. In case his sponsor’s position has also not reached that level, then his sponsor’s sponsor and so on.
Yes. Going by above rules whenever a position’s matrix is filled it moves to next level.
Your referral’s position can get filled first due self purchase or further recruitment by such referral before you could fill your position’s matrix.
Your latter position can get filled before your earlier positions, if it gets placed under a position and gets spillover from it when your other positions don’t get their levels filled by that time.
Your downline’s position will get placed in your first position’s overall tree only. However, you can view only those positions which are required to complete your that particular level. This happens when you get spillover or your own positions were already enough to fill your such position’s matrix. In such case, your referral’s position get placed in your tree. Such placement do not go waste and help other positions in completing their level which in turn follow you in next level and help you fill your spots in next level.
Each “Level” is a different matrix. For example, in Unicorn 25, there are 5 different Matrices viz.,
Level 1 - 2x1 matrix (Means it needs 2 positions in this matrix to fill your positions’ matrix)
Level 2 - 4x1 matrix (Means it needs 4 positions in this matrix to fill your positions’ matrix)
Level 3 - 8x1 matrix (Means it needs 8 positions in this matrix to fill your positions’ matrix)
Level 4 - 16x1 matrix (Means it needs 16 positions in this matrix to fill your positions’ matrix)
Level 2 - 32x1 matrix (Means it needs 32 positions in this matrix to fill your positions’ matrix)

Similarly, Unicorn 60 and Unicorn 120 also have 5 Matrices each.
You can view other positions in your position’s matrix as under:
Login to Members Area ---> Go To “Subscriptions and Positions” ---> Click “My Positions” --->
Click on the number given under “# Downlines” column

The first column lists serial numbers of positions you have in any particular Level and Phase. The number given in “# Downlines” column opposite any particular position depicts the number of positions that have ALREADY BEEN FILLED in your such position’s matrix. If the number mentioned against any position is 0 that means you do not have any positions YET in your position’s matrix.
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